The process of fetching a business license in the UAE involves receiving approvals from the government and the economic department. Apart from this, the company formation documents needs to be cleared from different UAE agencies within a short time period. For first-time investors, this process can be perplexing and strenuous.

 We can assist you to get a business license in the emirates in no time! We counsel on the precise kind of license for your business, and help you attain the appropriate license with years of comprehensive licensing experience with the Department of Economic Development. Whether proprietorship, limited liability or a civil company, we can aid the licensing procedure for free zone or onshore businesses that involve a UAE national either as sponsor or LSA.
Industrial Trade License

It is allotted for those businesses engaged in manufacturing, which involve conversion of natural material or natural resources into their ultimate product for sale.

Professional License

This license is delivered to an individual or an establishment that practice any profession which relies on aptitude and intellectual abilities. It is meant for skilled occupations-Medical, consultancy, Designing, craftsmen, and other specialized service providers.

Commercial Trade License

DED (Department of Economic Development) issues this category of license for an investor who engages in trading transaction activities such as buying and selling of goods.

Tourism License

This license of for companies focusing on tour and travel in Dubai – outbound tour operator, inbound tour operator, travel agent

 Other associated licenses are 

  • Spa License
  • Freelance License
  • E-commerce License
  • Import/Export License