PRO Services

The entire cycle of processes and paperwork in UAE require an expert skill. We provide an extensive specialist PRO support individual who is expert to deal with various tasks in a timely and professional manner, with utmost commitment and excellence to all proceedings in line. We will take up all the burden of running errands across the government departments, Ministries and Admin heads with regard to formal proceedings and allow you to utilize your time for other important works.

We pledge full backing to file all the necessary paper work and document clearing facilities for obtaining approvals/ permissions from relevant authorities right from  licensing, renewals visa processing, , immigration clearance, certification, attestation, copyright and trademarks.

We offer

  • Licensing, renewals & amendments.
  • Typing, translation and attestation Services Visa Processing- Employment, Tourist & Family 
  • GDFRA and AOL online applications.
  • Medical tests, EID, Insurance processing coverage and Immigration clearances.
  • Authorizations from UAE Chamber of Commerce, Foreign Affairs and Ministries.

From launching your business to closing of the company, you can consult the PRO for  the entire sequence.